Frank A. Scalish Biography

Frank A. Scalish, owner and founder of Scalish Construction, a Historic Construction Company that specializes in preservation, restoration and specialty construction.


Graduating top of his class Cum Laude at Cleveland State University, Frank earned a Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in Management and Labor Relations. Frank‘s degree has enabled him to lay the foundation for his business. In addition to his degree, Frank studied art, architecture, and apprenticed with a master stone, marble, and wood sculpture artist to give him a comprehensive view of his subject.


Frank’s first venture was a startup painting and remodeling company. He then furthered his expertise in the field by holding the position of National Project Manager for a retail image consulting company. There his responsibilities included interior design and fixturing, value engineering, as well as exterior signage and imaging from design to build and installation. In 2008 Frank and his wife, Maria decided to partner and create Scalish Construction, LLC. Maria's upbringing in corporate America, Frank's experience in construction and their shared passion for real estate and design seemed like an organic transistion of their next move. 


Frank is passionate about historic preservation and restoration and is globally conscious about our environment. He is a member of Lakewood Historical Society and the Cleveland Restoration Society. He also serves on the Gordon Square Local Landmarks Design Review Board and is a contributing member of the Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board. In the past, he served on the finance council and was the chairman for the building and grounds committee for The Shrine Church of Stanislaus. Frank has also partned up with Ohio Guidestone as a mentor within their Workforce 360 program, YouthBuild. He is very proud to offer guidance, mentorship, and opportunity to young adults who come from low income backgrounds ages 18-24 that are seeking their GED and real life experience. 


He is active and extremely knowledgeable in the city’s storefront program. Frank supports the green movement and is currently studying to become LEED accredited, which will recognize his thorough understanding of green building practices and principles. Frank has always been a forward thinker and has implemented his philosophies: repurpose, reuse, and recycle in both his business and private life.


Besides his passion for historic preservation and restoration, Frank enjoys living a sustainable lifestyle. His many hobbies include growing and cooking the food he loves from numerous recipes he has acquired throughout his local and international travels with his family.


Frank and Maria are blessed with two sons Xavier Francis, Josiah Giuseppe and a beautiful daughter Sisely Giovannina in addition to their four legged children, their boxers.